Intercargo Czech s.r.o. - International freight transport and forwarding


As stated in our motto, "We will transport your goods as required by you, anywhere in the world", we are able to transport goods around the globe, except for destinations afflicted by war, embargoes, or other restrictions.

Although our company is new, we have been in the transportation business since 1997. People on our team have been gathering experiences in transport and trade businesses across EU and beyond, including trainings and courses in the transportation industry, ever since 1997. Our team constantly evolves and undergoes trainings in order to provide our clients with the latest information or service in a professional manner.

Transportations Carried Out

Evropská unieEuropean Union ➧ transportations are carried out continuously throughout the year

IrákIraq 2012-2013 ➧ dispatching for refinery

Ruská federaceRussian Federation 2011-2016


2011-2016 ➧ Projection transportations

2005-2011 ➧ Heavy cargo transportations

1997-2005 ➧ Standard trucks, container transportation, fruit and vegetables transportation

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